Stitch TeamStitch TeamJune 29th, 2018

Update: More Signal, Less Noise

This release features some welcome clarifications for front-line teams: we added details that help you get your work done and we removed details that weren't helping anyone. We've got a lot of exciting stuff planned for Q3, but it feels good to sweat the small stuff because the small stuff adds up. Have a great weekend and thank you for using Stitch!

New Features


  • On Stitch X, fulfillment pages now show shipped quantities alongside allocated quantities, making it easy to eyeball what shipped and what didn’t.

  • On Stitch X, Fulfillment Detail pages now clearly distinguish between different types of “complete” fulfillments: fully shipped, partially shipped, and fully canceled.

  • If you sync ship notices (from POs and/or TOs) to your integrated 3PL, Stitch now sends the 3PL an ID that you can easily search against in Stitch. This gives you a common reference number across Stitch and your 3PL’s WMS.

  • On Stitch X, the Split Fulfillment screen now shows the variant description (much more helpful than the product name alone) as well as the aggregate available quantity.

  • Our newer reports are now listed in alphabetical order. Our oldest reports stubbornly refuse to budge. Their days are numbered…

  • We made some foundational improvements to reports, which in the near future should make several easier to use and navigate. In a nutshell, we can group related reports together and exclude irrelevant filters, so if the report doesn’t need a date filter, we can now hide it. If you see a report that needs this special treatment, please let our support team know.


  • On Stitch X, the Product Detail page was displaying incorrect committed quantities and loading slowwwly for everyone. Quantities now calculate more efficiently and—even better—correctly for all.