Stitch TeamStitch TeamAugust 27th, 2018

Update: August Fixprovements

If you fulfill sales orders via 3PL, Stitch now flags fulfillments and line items that aren't linked to corresponding items at your 3PL:

5b808355443dd_Image 2018-08-24 at 2.38.50 PM.png

Fulfillments with unlinked line items will be flagged as Unfulfillable (preventing routing/release) until the line items are linked to the corresponding 3PL. This helps you resolve unlinked line items before they cause short shipments or sync problems.


  • When sending sales orders to ShipStation, Stitch now sends reference number (typically the order number on your sales channel) as a custom field (Custom Field 1, which appears in the Order Notes section). Stitch also sends reference number as part of the ShipStation Order #.

  • Improved error handling with Channel Connect, especially around billing/shipping country (which requires the ISO Alpha-2 format).


  • On new transfer orders (Stitch X only), some company logos were causing packing slip export to fail. No more!

  • You could always filter of our Sales by… (Product/Variant/etc.) reports by Shopify POS location, but the filter wasn’t sticking when exporting your data. You could see it in the app, but not in the CSV. Now the filter works for CSV export, too!