Stitch Team January 26th, 2018

Update: Fixes + SF/LA Meetups

If you’d like to meet others working in your field (as well as some of us!), consider attending one of our upcoming meetups. We’re hosting events in San Francisco on January 30 and Los Angeles on February 7.

The focus will be on learning from fellow brands and retailers, but if you have questions about Stitch, we’ll be here for you. We hope to see you there!


  • As a result of a recent infrastructure/performance improvement, you couldn’t remove tags from sales or purchase orders. This is now fixed.

  • Users weren’t able to delete product images or other product files. Now they can!

  • For customers using ShipStation and transactional stock logic (where stock goes down when units ship, rather than when orders close), voiding an order in Stitch wasn’t canceling the corresponding order in ShipStation. Now it does.