Stitch TeamStitch TeamOctober 8th, 2018

Update: Holy moly

It’s been six weeks since we shared what’s new with Stitch. That’s a shame, because there’s always good work being done:

  • Your feedback helps us know where to focus (thank you)
  • Our customer teams help filter and contextualize that feedback (thank you)
  • Our designers and developers turn those insights into a better product (thank you).

The last mile counts the most, though: everybody needs to know what’s new, fixed, and improved. We’ll do better :-)

New Features

  • Edit PO receipts: On Stitch X, you can now edit purchase order receipts (available for new POs, on premium plans only).

  • PO currency conversion: On Stitch X, you can now set an exchange rate to convert PO currency into your default account currency.

  • Order routing by postal code (beta): If your plan includes Geographic Order Routing, you can now route orders by zip code. This feature is currently in beta; please reach out to your success manager (or Stitch Support) to learn more.

  • Import order tags from Shopify (beta): When importing orders from Shopify, Stitch can now pull in order tags. To enable this on your account, please contact Support.


  • On Stitch X, you can now import purchase orders via CSV using SKU (rather than Stitch ID).

  • Need to quickly check a sales report for a particular order type? You can now filter sales reports by order tag.

  • We updated our SPS EDI integration to a more secure connection type.

  • For transfer orders on Stitch X, you can now vertically scroll through shipments (helpful if shipping transfers in more than ten cartons).


  • Fixed several bugs and improved sync performance for Channel Connect, our SFTP gateway for connecting Walmart,, Houzz, Wayfair, and other platforms.

  • The in-app report view was omitting the last row of data (exports included all data). Fixed!