Stitch Team June 20th, 2017

Update: Channel Listings - New Look and Feel

If you've ever had a hard time linking channel inventory to Stitch inventory, we've got a pending update made for you (live on all accounts within the next day). This update helps you identify and resolve bad product mappings between Stitch and your integrated sales channels—helping you manage inventory and orders more efficiently through Stitch.

New Features

  • The biggest change is a helper page (pictured above), which gives you the info you need to quickly fix unlinked listings (read more)

  • When pushing stock or building from a deleted Shopify variant, Stitch will mark the corresponding channel listing as inactive. This paves the way for easier listing management in Stitch.

  • Your listings page now has a side panel where you can view and edit listing details at a glance (see gif)


  • For Amazon listings, ASIN and SKU are now labeled appropriately. Woohoo!

  • Early speed tests look promising. For the Channel Listings page, we're seeing a ≈20% speed bump on larger accounts.


  • This overhaul squashes several bugs on the Channel Listings page. If you spot any, please let us know!