Stitch TeamStitch TeamFebruary 11th, 2019

Update: February fixprovements

New Features

  • On Stitch X, we're rolling out support for Shopify Locations, where Stitch can push stock to specific inventory locations in Shopify. We began moving customers to the new logic last week and will continue rolling this out to more customers on Stitch X.


  • On Stitch X, purchase order ship notices now have an Internal Notes field. This field is for internal team communication and doesn't appear on PDFs or ship notices sent to 3PLs.

  • The Sales by Category report was timing out for our larger customers, so we rebuilt it for Stitch X only. The old report is still available for customers using Stitch Classic.

  • On Stitch X, the Inbound tooltip now links directly to transfer and purchase orders (see gif). It can also take you to a list of purchase orders and transfer orders filtered for that specific variant. Pretty, pretty good.

  • On Stitch X, you're now required to update links (rather than unlink and relink) when a listing has open sales orders. For more information, see the related help article.


  • On Stitch X, when fixing an unlinked order that was already fulfilled on the channel (ex: POS orders, FBA orders), Stitch wouldn't pull in the "shipment" update. This is fixed, moving forward.

  • On Stitch X, updating a transfer order shipment with tracking information (post-shipment) would lock the transfer order. No longer!

  • On Stitch X, stocktakes would fail if associated inventory had negative stock. In these cases, Stitch now alerts you of negative stock values and how to resolve them.

  • Stocktakes would fail if they contained variants with apostrophes in their name. They should now work as expected.

  • On Stitch X, the option to edit purchase order receipts was showing for accounts using average cost accounting. This option is only for accounts using the FIFO costing method and is now hidden for those using average cost.