Stitch TeamStitch TeamJanuary 22nd, 2019

Update: Post-freeze update-apalooza

While we kept a pretty tight code freeze through all of December and most of November/January, we were still busy making fixes and updates behind the scenes. We've now packaged all that work into a single release that went live late last week. This post is longer than normal, so the TL;DR is that we continue to focus on making Stitch X the best operational solution that modern brands can buy. These updates reflect investments in purchase orders, reporting, stock visibility (especially for brands selling wholesale), and allocation (especially through transfer orders). Expect additional investments in these areas throughout the year.


  • For Stitch X and Stitch Classic, the Sales Orders table now has filters for partially billed, paid, allocated/packed, and shipped orders. For Stitch X, in particular, this makes it easier to find wholesale orders that haven’t been fully allocated and/or shipped.

  • When creating sales orders in Stitch, you can now see additional stock measures (stock, available, and awaiting/inbound—in aggregate and for the specified warehouse). This should be helpful if you sell inventory before you it’s on hand (wholesale, in particular). If you need more insight into the variant, you can now click on the line item (opening the Variant Detail page in a new tab).

  • On sales order fulfillments (Stitch X only), we now show Service Method as a standalone field (previously part of notes). This passes to 3PLs as a separate field, but still passes to ShipStation as a note.

  • When creating/editing sales orders, the Advanced Product Finder now shows aggregate awaiting values (as well as aggregate available). They’re also clearly labeled now, making Stitch less mysterious and more helpful.

  • On new transfer orders (Stitch X only), you can now filter the TO master list by variant, product, or custom ID (SKU, UPC, etc.).

  • On new purchase orders and transfer orders (Stitch X only), you can now see who performed the receipt (screenshot).

  • If you remove an old 3PL integration from Stitch, you can now archive the corresponding warehouse.

  • If you use BigCommerce with Stitch, you now authorize the integration via OAuth, a more secure/controlled method of authentication: better for you, us, and BigCommerce.

  • When you delete a tag, Stitch now warns you that this removes the tag from any already-tagged records.

  • For reports with in-app search/filtering, the search bar now tells you what you can search by. To quote an anonymous Stitch success manager: "Thank God!"

  • To account for data latency in some of our more complex reports, all in-app reports now show “Data up to date through” with a corresponding timestamp.

  • We retired our inventory planning module to focus on more valuable features.

  • The onboarding guides that all users (even long-ago onboarded ones) would sometimes see when filtering/searching tables is now gone, joining Microsoft's Clippy and other unhelpful helpers in the dustbin of bad design.


  • The Historical Stock and Financials reports were timing out for some accounts. They should now load for even our largest customers, with added protections to ensure correct end-of-period values.

  • On new purchase orders (Stitch X only), you can’t close a PO with draft ship notices. We now make this clearer by disabling the button and explaining why (screenshot).

  • On new purchase orders (Stitch X only), clicking More > Download Purchase Order > Ship notice only wouldn’t always download the PDF. Now it does.

  • On new purchase orders (Stitch X only), self-supplied purchase orders wouldn't download as PDFs. Now they do.

  • On new purchase orders (Stitch X only), line items without a supplier SKU were showing backend ID values on PDF export. Now they don't!

  • Product images weren’t importing from Channel Connect. Now they do.

  • Variants that have hit their aggregate low-stock threshold weren’t showing on the Variants low-stock filter. Now they do!

  • A small number of reports were showing duplicate data rows. Fixed!

  • The Supplier Association CSV wasn't downloading for Safari users. Now it does (but Stitch still works best on Chrome).

  • On Stitch X, in cases where someone orders a single item as well as a bundle containing that item, Stitch was marking fully shipped orders as partially fulfilled on Shopify. This is now fixed.

  • Deleting all your pricing tiers would prevent the Inventory CSV from downloading. Stitch now requires at least one pricing tier.