Stitch Team February 22nd, 2019

Update: Shopify Locations, Variants table sneak peek

In our last release notes we announced support for Shopify Locations, including multi-location stock push. This functionality is now available to all Stitch X customers (except for a few who are planning a managed migration with their Stitch success manager).

Later this quarter, we'll launch an updated Variants table (Stitch X only). This new table makes it much easier to see inventory across locations—both at a glance and with quick drill-downs into expected inventory and variant details. Stay tuned for an announcement in March!


  • Updated our image resizing service so that when products and variants import from a sales channel, we now store and resize them rather than relying on CDN images from your sales channel. This should help with in-app load times and reduce the amount of broken image links.

  • Updated our Amazon sync logic to reduce unnecessary API calls for FBA orders. This should improve sync performance for high-volume FBA sellers.


  • The "recent orders" section of the Contact Detail page was showing a customer's oldest orders rather than their most recent. This now shows the five most recent orders based on order date. Props to our newest engineer Aaron for making this fix! 👏

  • Setting the earliest release date on a sales order fulfillment (Stitch X only) wasn't respecting time zones outside US Pacific time. Now it should work!

  • Stocktakes containing line items with apostrophes wouldn't save. Now they do!

  • We fixed a few PDF export issues affecting new purchase orders (Stitch X only): bill-to address, ship method, and total units should all display properly.

  • The new Shopify Locations settings were showing for every channel, when they were only supposed to show for… wait for it… Shopify. Fixed!