Stitch TeamStitch TeamNovember 1st, 2018

Update: Pre-holiday tuneup 🔧

As you head into the holidays, we shift from our normal mix of features/improvements/updates and focus solidly on maintenance: ensuring that we have your back through what is (for most of our customers) the busiest time of the year.

Our holiday support hours start on November 5 and run through January 3 (more info here).


  • Fixed an inventory layer display bug on accounts with FIFO cost tracking.

  • If you sync invoices to QuickBooks or Xero, you can now choose not to sync an invoice when you’re creating it.

  • In the product taxonomy manager, editing the a category name or shortcode would move that category up a level. Now it’ll stay put.

  • There was a bug preventing Stitch X customers from using the “close and mark as shipped” action. Fixed!