Stitch Team January 8th, 2018

Update: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! We hope you're recharged and ready to make 2018 a success. We've lifted our code freeze and are back in full swing.


  • Updating orders via our API (as well as many other API calls) should now be faster and more reliable.

  • Stitch will now route orders for custom channel orders (orders that import via CSV or NuORDER).

  • For accounts with dropshippable line items, the Variants page now loads about fifty percent faster.


  • When moving variants to another product, the “transfer images” option would sometimes duplicate images in the new parent product. Stitch now protects against this.

  • If you saved a stocktake with zero line items, you wouldn’t be able to edit it later. Saving a stocktake now requires at least one line item.

  • In the QuickBooks Online add-on settings, account mappings displayed as blank. Mappings now display properly.

  • In Auto Link settings, the Do not autolink option was displaying as blank. This now displays properly.

  • Improved the sync logic for Master of Price, which should fix performance issues for accounts using this feature.