Stitch Team July 14th, 2017

Update: Sync Improvements for WooCommerce and Etsy


  • When importing orders from Etsy, Stitch now has additional safeguards to ensure that orders don't get missed between syncs.


  • When sending shipping details to WooCommerce, Stitch was updating order status before sending the tracking number, prompting Woo to send a confirmation email without tracking details. Stitch now sends the tracking number first so that it's included on the confirmation email.

Stitch Team July 1st, 2017

Update: Channel Listings - Fixes and Improvements


  • When you manually link channel listings, Stitch now defaults to your channel-level Master of Stock setting. If Stitch is Master of Stock for your channel, this saves you two clicks for each listing you link.

  • We made lots of other small tweaks to the Integrations tab. What would help you work smarter and faster? Let us know via the in-app Submit Feedback button.


  • Fixed a bug where listings linked from a 3PL weren't getting set to 3PL is Master of Stock.

Stitch Team June 20th, 2017

Update: Channel Listings - New Look and Feel

If you've ever had a hard time linking channel inventory to Stitch inventory, we've got a pending update made for you (live on all accounts within the next day). This update helps you identify and resolve bad product mappings between Stitch and your integrated sales channels—helping you manage inventory and orders more efficiently through Stitch.

New Features

  • The biggest change is a helper page (pictured above), which gives you the info you need to quickly fix unlinked listings (read more)

  • When pushing stock or building from a deleted Shopify variant, Stitch will mark the corresponding channel listing as inactive. This paves the way for easier listing management in Stitch.

  • Your listings page now has a side panel where you can view and edit listing details at a glance (see gif)


  • For Amazon listings, ASIN and SKU are now labeled appropriately. Woohoo!

  • Early speed tests look promising. For the Channel Listings page, we're seeing a ≈20% speed bump on larger accounts.


  • This overhaul squashes several bugs on the Channel Listings page. If you spot any, please let us know!

Stitch Team June 16th, 2017

Update: Non-update Update

Our engineers are hard at work making Stitch better, faster, and stronger, but you'll have to wait another week to see what they're up to. Have a great weekend and stay tuned!

Stitch Team June 10th, 2017

Update: Bug Fixes and Better Handling of Deleted Shopify Products


  • When pushing stock or building from a deleted Shopify variant, Stitch will mark the corresponding channel listing as inactive. This paves the way for easier listing management in Stitch.


  • Fixed a short-lived bug that prevented bundles from saving. If you're not using bundles to turn inventory, boost order value, and stand out from the crowd, give them a look!

  • Fixed several bugs related to purchase orders and average unit cost. We also added safeguards that prevent against similar bugs in the future.

Stitch Team June 6th, 2017

Update: June - Feature Friday Webinar

Did you miss last week's webinar on customizing table views in Stitch, bulk adding items to orders, and our new Etsy integration? If so, we've got you covered:

Stitch Team June 3rd, 2017

Update: Adding products just got easier

To get the most from Stitch, add products early in their lifecycle. Add new products to purchase orders then receive against those POs to increase the quantity available, automatically track average unit costs, and measure supplier performance over time.

This release makes it easy to add products early in their lifecycle—before you list them on your sales channel. Enjoy!


Stitch Team May 26th, 2017

Update: Order Import CSV Fixprovements

Use the Order Import CSV to import offline sales in bulk. This CSV isn't designed for wholesale order management, but it's now more wholesale-friendly.


  • The Order Import CSV now includes Cancel Date, which together with Ship Date form the wholesale shipping window.


  • On the Order Import CSV, blank Ship Date values were importing with the import date. We now respect blank values for this field.

Stitch Team May 23rd, 2017

Update: User Safeguards and Fixprovements


  • Users can no longer delete themselves and rebellious admins can no longer delete account owners.

  • If you upload an Order Import CSV with modified headers, we'll alert your right away rather than at the end of the process. Fewer clicks!


  • Stitch would stall when deleting integrations with high-volume sales channels. Now this process should complete without a hitch—though we hope you never have to do it.

Stitch Team May 12th, 2017

Update: Sync Alerts and Magento Bugfix


  • If we detect a sync problem with an integrated sales channel or add-on, we'll highlight the Integrations icon with a red badge and alert you via the notification center.


  • When importing Magento products into Stitch inventory, we weren't pulling in weight values. Now we do!