Stitch Team May 25th, 2018

Update: Transfer Order Rollout, Bug Fixes, and Improvements

Customers on Stitch X (our latest version of Stitch) have created over 600 transfer orders to allocate inventory across their business. If you're on Stitch X but haven't explored transfer orders, give them a look. If you use old transfer orders but haven't explored Stitch X, do check it out!


  • We improved our 3PL sync logic to reduce the risk of 3PLs pushing outdated stock values back to Stitch. This should reduce the risk of overselling when working with an integrated 3PL.

  • The new and improved Supplier Association CSV is now on for all accounts using multi-warehousing. If you’re not using multi-warehousing, consider using it to allocate inventory in Stitch.

  • On Stitch X, manually splitting orders now preserves the original ship method and adds it to the new fulfillment(s).


  • Product Update CSV exports were failing for products with lots of image files. These exports now handle much larger image sets.

  • When adding purchase order line items with a default reorder quantity, the quantity filled, but stubbornly changed to 0 upon save. Bug squashed!

  • Fixed a bug that interfered with Amazon multi-channel fulfillment on Stitch X. Customers using this feature now have better visibility into when an order is acknowledged (and eventually shipped) by Amazon.

  • Converting a variant into a bundle wasn’t properly clearing stock (bundles don’t hold stock in Stitch). Stitch now requires that you zero out stock before converting items into bundles.

  • When publishing to Shopify, Stitch would initially publish variants with 1 unit of stock. Now, Stitch will push stock according to your default Master of Stock settings.